Wednesday, October 21, 2020

October Meeting Minutes

1.      Tully’s was a big hit!  We will know the results in another week.  Thank you for coming out.

2.      Dance Program will take place at the dance studio on Morgan Road for the same price which will be about from November 1st to May 1st which works out to $5.65 per class for a total of $130.  More details to come but will need 4 kids per class.  Temperatures will be taken.

3.      Book Fair (Joyce) will happen.

4.      Report from Heather:

a.      Curriculum Night Link was sent today (October 13th) and will be open for a week.

b.      7 Staff on Quarantine as of today

5.      How can we support Donlin Drive?

a.      We do not really need to fundraise generally as we typically fundraise for many field trips

b.      However, please take time to thank our staff and teachers at DDE!  Send cards and emails if you can!  Help send a positive mindset.

c.      We will have 4 parent-teacher conference days coming up too.

d.      There will be a Picture Day end of October and we hope for a Spring Picture Day in-person for those virtual (140 students).

6.      Elections for 2020-2023:

a.      Vice President:  Jecenia Bresett

b.      Secretary:  Laura Crandall

c.      Co-Treasurer:  Amy Spranger (Chrissy is done at the end of 2022)

d.      All are in favor (Mark made a motion and Yolanda seconded it)

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