Thursday, March 5, 2020

Education 2020 PTO Meeting - March 2020

Education 2020 Meeting

WHY, by Mark Potter, Superintendent

“The principle goal of education in schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”
Buildings built in 1950’s – in doing building condition surveys and identify what needs to be addressed in the next 5 years.  Project caps with designated timeline/expiration date.
Group of about 30-50 (business owners, parents, teachers, former parents, etc.) now
education 2020 committee for the last 2 years – enrollment, facilities, program and grade configurations.  District has struggled in last 10-11 years and then a lawsuit to fund public schools in NYS (poverty, IEP, and non-native English speakers) which drove the formula (42-44% of this formula funds the school by the state) and we are short by about $5 million dollars.  Increase our revenue and also reduce our expenses.  There are 21 buildings and 14 are school buildings.  We own the Liverpool Public Library (spent $500K on renovations) but we do not do the programming.  We are now at 6,900 students but were as high as 11,000 in the 1980s.  We need to do something for us.

Big need for industry workers
Improving mental health
College Readiness
Internships (Career Technical Education - CTE)
More opportunities for our students
Maintaining or reducing class sizes

Fewer buildings

750 responses from community survey

College debt is the #1 debt in USA
Declining enrollment in CNY and NY and NE, less children in families
How many kids are people having these days?

Square footage highest among most school districts (B’ville, CNS, Chittenango)
Multiple staff are split between buildings – special area, psychologists, SPED, ENL
ESSA poverty formula equity across each district
Special Ed Inclusive Classrooms (may not be in home schools)
ENL English language learners (5 out of 9 elementary buildings)
Capping – can only put up to 75 kids per grade (25 per classroom)
$5 Million Contact Grant (4 buildings were eligible)

9 Elementary; 3 Middle Schools; Annex, High School with Building Caps by Number of Classrooms (tried to stay in 80-85% capacity)


2150-2200 +650 =2700 now we have about 1600 in HS and about 550 in Annex
Gymnasium, pool. Senior lounge, locker rooms, new auditorium and band room = almost 50% of the HS unavailable.

Option 1:  remove 1 ES and add in a 4th MS
Option 2:  remove 2 ES and add in a 4th MS
Option 3:  4 elementary schools (K-2); 4 complexes with ideally 2 buildings each (3-8); and 1 High School (9-12); 25 sections of every grade level
20 sections in each building
Divide the district into 4 quadrants with this model (option 3).
Complexes:  Liverpool, Chestnut, Soule

Literacy – if you cannot read by 2nd grade, you are more at risk for dropout

86% go to college
BOCES program has a stigma that it is a special needs program (150 to now 56 kids).  Kids do not want to go there.  College shouldn’t be the only choice.

Where is the data on this?  What is the exact plan? Where is the budget planning and how much will this actually save the district?  (All TBD
We have 177 gen ed teachers
250 kids per counselor

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