Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February Meeting Minutes

Secretary Report/Minutes (Laura Crandall) will be posted and available on website,

Welcome 6th Grade Teachers!  Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Terli

Treasurer’s Report (Chrissy Guilfoil)
·       Balances:
o   PTO Checking:  $13,185.53
o   PTO Savings:  $25.00
·       Payments:
o   Vobress Coins:  $55.00
o   PTO Insurance:  $303.00
o   Karate:  $720.00
o   Dance:  $3,365.00
o   Mickey’s Balloons (Princess Ball):  $295.00
·       Profits/Deposits:
o   Princess Ball Profit:  $2,062.00
o   Karate Profit:  $180.00

Upcoming Events:
·       February 7th:  Princess Ball.  Beautiful invitation!  Free photographs!  We are at 125 princesses!  Decorating help at 9:30am at the Church!
·       February 12th:  Moes Night on 57 (Oswego Road).  Story and STEM, Rick Chapman does STEM activities in Liverpool.
·       February 25th:  Science Fair.  Winners of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade can co
·       Wednesday, March 4th (Education 2020) instead of PTO Meeting

Committee Reports:
·       Princess Ball, Friday, February 7th:  (Joyce Cardone).  All set, see you Friday!
·       Ziti Dinner, April 1st is our big event that is a huge fundraiser silent auction and ziti dinner.  Amy Spranger is working on auction items.  This year we will add a wine pull!  Wanie is working on the food.
·       Dance Program (Allyson Taggart):  We have about 30-35 kids signed up already.  The recital will be at Chestnut Hill Middle School
·       Karate Program is over now.
·       Syracuse Mets Game.  Rates are between $19-$27 including game tickets and food.  If we do a Sunday game, you can run the bases.  To reserve, we’d have to do $400 deposit.  Earlier the better.  50 ticket minimum up to 200.  May 17th is a home game and after Mother’s Day.
·       Shopping Program Reminders:
o   Boxtops through an App now – it will eventually look like Shoparoo with classrooms competing
o   Amazon Smile, find Donlin Drive PTO
o   Others?

New Business:
·       6th Grade Teachers:  Mrs. Murphy, teaches social studies and science (Smithsonian kits) and Ms. Terli, teaches math (subbing for Mrs. Trumbly).
·       Math discussion:  can we do videos?  Hardest is 4th, 5th, and 6th grade math – discourse, reasoning, math facts, etc. (explaining how you got there).  Parents/family can help with math facts at home.  Heather is interested in doing a math night.
·       Typing:  typing skills are done in the library, including technology and internet safety (only once a week, a variety of topics).  The program is called “type to learn”.
·       Volunteer list available.  Next help needed for Ziti Dinner on April 1st, contact Amy Spranger.

Adjourn Meeting by Mark Cardone at 6:37pm.

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