Monday, October 7, 2019

The Most Important Piece Of Paper You Will Get All Year

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Sometime between Friday and the weekend, you should have gotten a piece of paper home that looked something like this. 

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There is alot of information on that sheet, so let me summarize the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS!

1.  PLAY ALL OUT - This is our biggest (and really our ONLY) Fundraiser of the year.  The money we raise from the Walk A Thon will go toward all of the tools, technology, and travel expenses that are going to make this Donlin Drive's BEST YEAR YET.  Your children benefit directly from the money raised, and they get some pretty great prizes to boot.

2.  START NOW - Our kids will be walking this Friday, but donations are not due until October 25th, so if there are friends, family, or neighbors that you wont see for a few weeks, thats ok.  With the money being due at the end of the month, some people wait until the last minute.  Start spreading the word today.  

3.  HOW MUCH - Have your child try to get $5.00 from everyone they ask.  5 people at $5.00 each wins them the first prize level. 

4.  ONLINE DONATIONS - Online donations are welcome through the Cheddar Up Link.  If you have friends or family donating online, please ask them to leave your childs name in the comment box.  If they don't, we can't give credit.  We do our best to figure it out, but the easiest way is to be sure they drop a name in the box. 

If EVERY student at Donlin raised just $25.00, we would be in for an EPIC school year.  Let's do this in true DDE fashion! 

Thanks Everyone!


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