Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September Meeting Minutes

Donlin Drive Elementary PTO, September 2019
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 DDE Library, 6pm

Meeting Called to Order:  6:00pm, by Mark Cardone

Special Guest:  Casey from The Edge Federal Credit Union

DDE PTO Introductions:  What is PTO all about? 
It is free to join and come as you wish.  Sign up to help out and get on our mailing list.  We do events like Princess Ball, Picnic, Carnivals, Rollerskating, Dance Program, CHESS Club, Tools for the Teachers like extra stuff they need for the classroom and travel for the classrooms.  Check out the website at and the DDE PTO Facebook Page.  Also you will get info from Heather’s emails, Peachjar, and district emails.

How does PTO fund everything?  We do two major fundraisers a year – a Walk-a-Thon in October (with great prizes!) and a Ziti Dinner with a Silent Auction in April.  We will also do DDE dinners out in the neighborhood like at Tully’s, Denny’s, and Chuckleberries.

Other ways to help?  Sign up for Amazon and register with Amazon Smile with Donlin Drive.  Another way is BoxTops by collecting your receipts onto your phone with your BoxTops App.  Price Chopper is a third way to get involved.  No more Shoparoo.

The Edge Federal Credit Union:  Cub Saver Program for your children to learn how to save money.  Every Wednesday your kid can bring money into DDE and Edge will bring it over to be counted (by LHS students) and deposited into your kids account.  There will be a competition for the school to win a prize.

Contact Community Services (unable to attend) but help us with events.
Dollars for Scholars (unable to attend) Liverpool scholarship program for the HS

Upcoming Events:
·       Back to School Picnic:  This Friday, 4-6pm!  We will have bounce houses, 3 food trucks:  Wolf’s Patio Pizza, Cue Dogs, and Skippys Ice Cream plus $.50 cotton candy, popcorn, and snowcones.
·       Book Fair:  Kids can make a wishlist for preview days and then can send money home based on the wishlist or the Meet the Teachers Night on Tuesday, September 24th.  We will need volunteers for Thursday and Friday prior to help younger grades preview days.  We turn the profit into donations to the library/school or money to support other initiatives for DDE.
·       Meet the Teachers Night:  Tuesday, September 24th, 6-7:30pm
·       Tully’s Dinner Out:  Thursday, September 26th, 4-9pm, 7th North Street location.  See flyer sent home.

We are always open for new ideas and will support you if you have new ideas.  We are still looking for an event with mom’s and son’s if you have any ideas, please share them with me.  What about a Syracuse Mets Game meet-up?

Last, if anyone knows of any DDE business owners, we want to help promote them to our own DDE community. 

Keep coming back to PTO!  We have 4 Six Flags tickets and a $50 Wegmans gift card for parents who keep coming!

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