Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

DDE PTO Meeting
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
@ DDE Library

PTO Meeting Minutes
President:  Mark Cardone
Vice President:  Joyce Cardone
Treasurer:  Chrissy Guilfoil
Secretary:  Laura Crandall
Principal: Heather Silvia

Meeting called to order by President (Mark Cardone):  6:04pm
Secretary Report (Laura Crandall):  Minutes on the website
Treasurer’s Report (Chrissy Guilfoil)

Welcome 6th Grade Teachers:  Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Trumble
Wanie Heath and Armando Shaynes now joining DDE in CONTACT

Upcoming Events:

·       Movie Night moved to Friday, January 18th:  Smallfoot, frozen treats, pizza, popcorn, snacks!
·       Science Fair:  Science Fair with 6th grade holding a bake sale.  Trophies are provided by PTO.  Winners go to an all-county science fair at the MOST.
·       Princess Ball:  Friday, February 1st, RSVP by January 21st.  Everything will be similar to last year.  Looking for food donations of fruit (cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and watermelon)

DDE PTO Treasurer Report (Chrissy Guilfoil)
·       Balances: 
o   PTO Checking:  $9,625
o   PTO Savings:  $25
·       Payments: 
o   BeMarr (roller skating):  $560.50
o   Scholastic:  $1442.70
o   6th Grade (Usborn books and more):  $697
o   Dance:  $3,148.00
·       Deposits:
o   6th Grade profit:  $533.00
o   Roller skating profit:  $206.50

Committee Reports:

·       Dance Program:  (Allyson Taggert) 60ish dancers, held on Wednesdays afterschool.  Dance recital will
·       Karate Program (Chrissy Guilfoil):  Tues/Thursdays week of January 8th for 3 weeks in a row.  Started today, with about 17 participants.
·       Bricks4Kidz (Jess Bresett):  Robotics themed, money is due next Friday, Jan. 18, 5 weeks in Thursdays for $135.
·       March Book Fair (Joyce Cardone):  coming up during the Open House.  Summer program will be present.
·       Shopping Programs Reminders:  Boxtops, Shoparoo, Amazon Smile. 
·       Moes at Drivers Village on Tuesday, February 12th
·       Ziti Dinner on April 10:  (Wanie Heath, Chair)
·                      -Dinner chair (Wanie Heath)
               -Donations for Silent Auctions (Amy)
·                      -Basket Raffles (Aimee Flowers)
·       Teacher Thoughts from 6th Grade:  Fundraising is on their minds.  Card fundraiser was a big hit.  Bake sale at Science Fair.  All proceeds go to the 6th grade trip to Orenda Springs.  Overall PTO contribution is $1,200.
·       Brainstorming ideas for a mother-son event?
·       NEW Events:  Muffins with Mom (Friday, May 10th) and Donuts with Dad (Monday, June 17th):  8:15am to 8:45am, Library

Principle’s Report:

Utilizing space and money for the future of all kids due to an overall decrease in kids and extra buildings (to heat, cool, run, etc.)  The board will vote on the survey to go out to the community.  Additional support for mental health, collaborative health, special education came up so once budget is more flexible, should building operations change, more/additional support funding can be provided.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 by Mark Cardone

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