Friday, September 28, 2018

September PTO Meeting Minutes

Donlin Drive Elementary PTO
Tuesday, September 11, 2018

President:  Mark Cardone
Vice President:  Joyce Cardone
Treasurer:  Chrissy Guilfoil
Secretary:  Laura Crandall
Principal Heather Silvia

Call meeting to order at 6:05pm by Mark Cardone

Secretary Report/Minutes (Laura Crandall) will be posted and available at website

Treasurer’s Report (Chrissy Guilfoil)
               -$36.00 Teachers Charts (Global Datebooks)
               -$882.00 Student Folders (Rochester 100 Inc.)
               -$462.50 Student Planners (Global Datebooks)
               -$300.00 School Banner (Paratore Signs)

Committee Reports:
·       Introduction of Officers:  Mark Cardone, President; Joyce Cardone, Vice President; Chrissy Guilfoil, Treasurer; and Laura Crandall, Secretary
·       DDE PTO:  You are all in the PTO!  You do not have to sign up, pay, or be forced into anything to be in the PTO.  It is a good way to be involved in our PTO to build community, be able to know more about the school, events, etc.
·       Events Calendar Overview: 
o   September Programs:
§  Friday:  Back to School Picnic, 4-7pm
§  Book Fair and Meet the Teachers Night:  Sept. 25
§  Tully’s Night:  Sept. 27
o   Only big fundraisers (no other ask for money or gifts):
§  Walk-A-Thon:  Walk in which students get sponsored or a donation with really awesome prizes.  In October
§  Ziti Dinner:  Dinner and silent auction/basket raffle in the Spring
§  Other fundraisers:  Dinner Nights Out and shopping programs (see below)
·       Dance Program:  Run by Allyson Taggert and Liverpool School of Dance
o   Wednesday after school dance program for $130 including 30 minute lesson, dance costume, and recital
·       Bricks 4 Kids:  Jess Bresett
o   $135 for 6 weeks of lego building for 1.5 hours per session
·       Karate Program:  Chrissy Guifoil
o   6 session karate after school, will be held in January
·       Movie Nights:  Laura Crandall
o   Held at the Cafeteria, newer movies, popcorn, pizza, drinks and more
·       School Store on Fridays:  Jess Bresett
o   Sells small school supply type items ranging in cost of 10 cents to $1
·       Reminder of Shopping Programs:  Boxtops, Shoparoo, AmazonSmile, Price Chopper, Tops
·       Heather’s Report
o   Turning an extra classroom (due to the former 6th grade having 4 classrooms) to a new Ted Talks style classroom with new furniture and plans.  Will need some funding help to make it happen
o   Liverpool having a meeting to discuss rezoning of schools

Next PTO Meeting, Tuesday, October 2nd at Chestnut Hill Middle School

Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm by Mark Cardone

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