Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How To Get Our Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications (An Illustrated Guide)

To Start:
Some of you know I LOVE to use Facebook to spread the word about events and all things DDE.  It's my preferred method of contact because it is easy to use and lets me get a little more creative than other media.

The problem with Facebook is that I know not all of our families have it, check it daily, or catch all of our posts.

What Are Facebook Notifications:
With notifications from DDE enabled, you will get an alert on your phone when the PTO posts something (we usually post 3-5 times per week.)  This will help you never miss a post from the PTO and stay better informed of events going on.  

How Do You Enable Notifications In Facebook:
These are instructions to enable notifications from your mobile phone.  As an administrator of the DDE PTO Facebook page, I could not use that page as an example, so I used one of my friends Facebook pages.  This works with any page, but our official page is

Step 1:  Go To Our Page at and click the 3 dots under the like button.  Side note, please also "Like" the page.

Step 2:  When this pop up appears, click the word "Following"

Step 3:  Be sure the Get Notification button is clicked "On."

Step 4:  Click the button for "Edit Notification Settings"

Step 5:  Finally, just be sure the radio button for Standard is clicked.  This will be sure you get everything we post.

Also, while you are here, if you are not signed up for our email list yet, please CLICK HERE to get PTO updates right in your email inbox!

Thanks everyone!

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