Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Meeting Minutes

Donlin Drive Elementary PTO
March 8, 2018 at 6pm
Café 407

President:  Mark Cardone
Vice President:  Joyce Cardone
Treasurer:  Chrissy Guilfoil
Secretary:  Laura Crandall
Principal Heather Silvia

Call meeting to order at 6:05pm by Mark Cardone

Secretary Report/Minutes (Laura Crandall) will be posted and available at website

Treasurer’s Report (Chrissy Guilfoil)
-Checking:  $1544.59 (Keybank) and EdgeFed
-PTO Savings:  $25.10
Payments:  Liverpool School of Dance (costumes)  $1169.34

Red Cross Presentation:  Kristin Crandall, showed a short youtube video
-Wednesday, May 30 from 3-7pm
-Volunteers for Registration and Canteen
-Will help save the lives of about 75 hospital patients
-Every student who gets a donor gets a “Wall of Heros” badge for Red Cross blanket or Red Cross Medal
-Register early, need about 35 to sign up in advance, goal is to get 25 donors; also important to do Rapid Pass

Committee Reports:
-6th Grade Merchandise Update: Mark is going to check in with them
-Roller Skating Night: (Allyson Taggert): Volunteers needed, went out on Peach Jar and a flyer went home Friday, March 9th
-Book Fair:  March 8, 9, 12, 13 – Paws For Books Theme.  Need volunteers all day to help students write up wish list.  Help with tear down
-Open House:  March 13th, 6-7:30pm
               -Bake Sale/Pizza Sale to help with 6th grade fundraiser.  Little league wants to sign up, Boy Scouts and BASCOL will table.
-Ziti Dinner and Silent Auction:  April 5th from 6pm-8pm.  Basil Leaf will be catering.  Donations for classroom donations will be going out.  If you have a connection with a business, let Jill Esposito and Wanie Heath know.  Looking for 5-10 volunteers to help.
-DDE Garage Sale:  What date?  Let’s table until Fall with warmer weather and less busy
-Dance Program
               -Picture Day:  March 28
               -Rehearsal:  Wednesday, May 2
               -Recital:  Thursday May 3 at Liverpool High School and Chuckleberries afterwards
Reminder of Shopping Programs:  Boxtops, Shoparoo, AmazonSmile, Price Chopper, Tops
Dannon Fitness Contest:  we did not win L but thank you all for voting!

New Business:
-Welcome to 2nd Grade:  Ms. Vollick, Mrs. McDermott, and Ms. Tracy
-Science Fair is on hold for date. 
-April 8 is Adventures in Art at Liverpool High School

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 by Mark Cardone

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