Monday, September 25, 2017

A Whole Lot Of EPIC - Week of 9-25-17

Hey everyone.  This year is off to an EPIC start!

Important things to know this week (watch the video or read below):

1.  We are giving away a NINTENDO SWITCH!  And a SMART TV.  And a CHROMEBOOK!

Walkathon is underway and pledge sheets will be going home this week.  The Walk-A-Thon is on October 13th and this is one of our ONLY fundraisers for the year, so if there was ever a time I asked people for money, this is it...BUT don't get stuff in return!

People have asked about this years is the rollout.  Instead of extra stuff, we are giving away this years school merchandise.
-  $25.00 gets you an awesome drawstring bag
-  $50.00 gets you a bag and a waterbottle
-  $75.00 gets you a bag, a waterbottle, and a 2017 DDE Shirt!

But what about the GRAND prizes?  $100.00 gets you an entry, and EVERY $25.00 over $100 gets you an ADDITIONAL entry.  $100 is one, $150 is 3, etc.

You guys know I HATE asking you to go door to door and to your families selling junk.  This is it.  Give big, get big chances to win.  And don't forget, you can share this with family NATIONWIDE on out Gofundme page.  We all have a grandparent, or an aunt, or a best friend who would throw $10.00 at our kids, OR MORE.  Share, share share! (ENTHUSIASM = EPIC).

2.  Bookfair/Curriculum/Meet the teacher - Tuesday night.
-  Bookfair will be open.  Stop in and get a high 5.  If your kids brought a wishlist home, you can send money in with them to bring the books home.

3.  Tullys - Thursday the 28th.  Lets go out there in DDE Style and pack the house!  Remember to PRINT YOUR FLIER and bring it with you.

Thats it for  this week.  Thanks everyone!!!

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  1. Honestly, you are the most energetic and EPIC PTO President!!!
    Thank you to all of the amazing families that support our school!