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Thank you everyone for coming to the meeting!  

PTO October Meeting – 10/4/2016 at Cafe 407 in Liverpool

6:00pm: Jessica McChesney at Edge Federal Credit Union presenter from Morgan Road location.  Former Liverpool
Credit Union but changed to Edge (with E in red for education!).  Cub Saver Program.  Every week students can deposit money through their teachers.  Bring all deposits to the high school.  The high school students help out at the credit union at lunch.  Will also receive saver booklets.  Prizes for students too!  Teachers guide, application for parent/family/guardian, teacher role.  Each account that is opened is an actual savings account with a minimum of $5 minimum balance. In many L’pool schools, Phoenix and B’ville schools.  They do earn interest

6:23pm:  Meeting called to order

6:25pm:  Secretary Report:  Make sure you are in the email distribution list.  Emails being sent through MailChimp. 

6:25pm:  Treasurer’s Report:
·      Balances are Checking:  $8786.45 and Savings:  $230.67
·      Payments:
o   Back to school picnic expenses:  $1362.81
o   Outdoor movie night:  $284.92
o   Prizes for Walk a Thon:  $648.85
·      Deposits:
o   Back to school picnic income:  $24.00
o   Outdoor move night:  -$90.00
o   Book Fair total sales:  $4282.91
o   Sweet Frog Fundraiser:  $136 (total sales was $541.86)
o   Merchandise:  $1495.28

Book Fair Update:  Joyce Cardone:  We can either receive scholastic dollars with the money of 50% of profit (~$2500).  We take the profit as cash (25% of sales) which is about $1000.  We can also split between scholastic dollars and cash. Could put some towards extra classroom grade (since we have a 4 classroom grade) for 5th grade.  Let’s look at need for a classroom and let the teachers decide for leftover money from last year’s scholastic dollars.  This year we voted to take the profit as cash which will end up being just over $1,000.

6:35pm:  Committee Reports

  • ·      DDE Dinners (Laura Crandall):  Tully’s on October 18th on 7th North Street.  Any other ideas?  Denny’s, Subway -7th North (20%), The Pies Guys, Moes, Limp Lizard, Pizza Regionale

  •    Movie Night (Laura Crandall):  Next movie on December 2.  Finding Dory will be the movie!

  •     Walkathon (Jessica Dudley):  Epic prizes (see flyer that was sent out), October 14.  If you have someone donate through gofundme, have them note the students’ name so that they know who to give the credit to.  There will be a live facebook stream on October 28.  Prizes are X-box, TV,

  •    Roller Skating (Jessica Dudley):  November 18.  Book the date in the summer.  Permission slips are necessary especially on the day of as they are staying late after school that day.  We sell drinks and chips throughout it.  Allyson Taggert will help and be the future chair as it is the last year for her.

  •     Minute To Win It (Jill Esposito and Wanie Heath):  January 20 but has to be moved.  Mother-son event. 

  • Princess Ball (Mark Cardone):  February 10.  Sign up to volunteer!  Desserts, decorations, marketing, photos, fun!

  • ·Ziti Dinner (Need a new co-chair, Wanie and Aimee Flowers and Jessica):  April 26

  •       Dance Program (Allyson Taggert):  starts the 19th (2 weeks from tomorrow).  Up to about 41 student participants.  Dance recital date is already determined on Friday, April 28th

  •       Boxtops (Mark Cardone):  Keep pushing them.

  • ·      Shopping Program (Shoparoo, Amazon Smile, Price Chopper, Tops)

o   http://smile.amazon.com then find Donlin Drive PTO
o   Shoparoo is an app that you take pictures of your receipts (receiving almost $200 check from last year).

  • ·      Art Program:  Shades of Orange.  The program made about $1,000.  Each week they did a different project.  4 weeks in a row afterschool.  Pick up was 4:45pm.  Mrs. Hartt may be interested in taking this over so we can make a bigger profit and do different types of crafts.

  • ·      Karate:  January and May:  3 weeks with 2 sessions per week for a total of 6 sessions

  • ·      Merchandise:  We want to order more t-shirts with the warrior on it.

Special Guest:  Candace from BASCOL Program.  From DDE, they accept students whose families who are on DSS and also scholarships.  We run an awesome program, great curriculum, students love it!

7:20pm:  Principle’s Report (Heather Silvia):  Chess Club is doing extremely well.  David Snyder is doing very well.  Trunk or Treat reminder: last Thursday, October 27th from the church (North Central).  Your child will go trunk or treating to get candy.

7:25:  Meeting adjourned

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