Wednesday, August 31, 2016

PTO Update - September 1, 2016

Hey everyone.  I hope you like the videos!

Thanks to everyone who has recently liked our page, and to everyone who filled out the contact survey.  Facebook and Email seem to be the winners.  If you haven't had a chance to fill out the contact survey yet, you can do it here!  Be sure to enter your email address if that is your preferred method of contact!!!

Everyone should have received teacher assignments by now.  School supply lists are available on the DDE website.  Download your childs school supply list here!  This is a GREAT time to pick up some bonus Boxtops for Education.  Our goal is 100 Boxtops per family this year.  Personally, I got 20 just during back to school shopping! Lets get to 50,000 and get the shape of a Boxtop shaved in my head.

PTO Schedule Is Available Here!  Let me know if there are any errors or questions!

As always, EMAIL ME if you have questions, comments, things you would like added to the website, or a joke to submit for our video series!

Thanks for your support.  Together we are a family that makes a difference!

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