Thursday, December 3, 2015

What Did Oscar Find In The Garbage That Made Him So Happy?


Why you ask?

Because Oscar lives in the dump, and he found a TON of Boxtops that people (nobody from Donlin Drive obviously) threw away after the Thanksgiving weekend.  He knows that Boxtops are worth 10 cents each, and is cashing them in to buy things.  Things like library books, computer equipment and software, and special events for his friends.

Not everyone buys Progresso soup.  But there are LOTS of places you can find Boxtops, and lots of ways you can help our Boxtop effort other than just buying soup and cereal.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as we head into the last month of the year and the gift giving season. 

Boxtops for Education is constantly adding new products to their website.  Everything from printer paper, to baking pans, to Ziploc and garbage bags.

People often tell me that they do not collect Boxtops because they buy generic brands.  This is the answer.  The Boxtops website always has contests running where you can win anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 + Boxtops for your school.  No purchase necessary and you can enter once a day!

3.  Family Visits/Gatherings

Yup.  That's a ninja.  After holiday gatherings have ended, and all the dishes are done, the first question your host should ask is, "Where in the world did all of our Boxtops go?"  Be a Boxtop Ninja.  On average, people have about 13 unclipped Boxtops sitting around their house.  OK, I do not have any stats to confirm that, but that is how many were at my house before I started collecting, and I am pretty average.  If it makes you more comfortable, ask them if its ok.  Ask everyone in the room if they can give you their Boxtops.  Guilt them if they don't.  High 5 them when they do.


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